Totally Hooked!

Noirotica? I’d never hear of it before either. Now I’m Totally hooked!

Dammit! I just can’t wait for his next novel to come out!

I hear Michael Forman is about to release a sequel to SEETHINGS and, if it’s anything like the original, it’s going to have me melting at the knees wanting more.

Neo + Noir + Erotica = Neo-Noirotica. Write that down!

Noir: The Noir genre came out of the fifties. Rather than following the investigation side in a murder mystery, Noir follows the victim/s and/or murderer/s instead. There’s a darker element always surrounding the protagonist/s. Think of a storm cloud hanging over your head as you’re reading it, or perhaps there’s a persistent shadow that’s not your own intermittently appearing in the corner of your eye. Something about it is deliciously annoying. That’s Noir.

Noir isn’t something we see too much of these days. The closest we get to it in a contemporary novel would be something like Shutter Island (also a movie). Technically, this book’s genre would be better classified as Neo-Noir. Similarly, Forman’s story is modern and should also carry the Neo prefix with it.

Erotica: Well, you know this baby. Someone’s getting some, let’s say, special attention… and it’s the reader getting some too! Yes, each writer has their own way of approaching sex. Forman’s way is, at first, well restrained. He’s sweetly gentle. As the book progresses however, more is revealed until the narrative reaches a point of no return. Crafting such an explosive ending and timing it with the orgasm was something Forman did exceptionally well. The murder in SEETHINGS had me gasping until the very last page. How could someone do that? I asked.

He writes that his new novel is about to be released. I can’t wait to read it. His writing style is alluring, teasing, disturbing… begging me to turn the next page and find out what next diabolical event was being hatched.

Have a look, it’s totally worth it! – Angelwanderer

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Kiss me more!

upside down sex

I grabbed the centre of Nina’s blouse with one hand and pulled her away from the wall. I gave her a kiss and then slammed her right back onto it. The air in her lungs exhausted and she groaned. I didn’t waste any time in reconnecting my mouth to hers. Judging by the way she responded this kind of action, it wasn’t nearly enough to scare.

I kissed her face, pulled her away from the wall further and then slammed her body against it even harder. I enjoyed the sensation of the hot air escaping from her mouth onto my face. I thrusted my groin into hers again and waited for the sounds of pleasure to rise. She groaned and beckoned for more. I wanted to slam her into that wall just to find out if she was capable of saying stop. A crack even developed in the plasterboard. I remembered having to tell myself to settle down. I didn’t want to break my new toy. I don’t know how many times I pushed her against that wall but I do know she didn’t object to any of it.

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Lover’s Delight.

lovers delight

“She needed my penis more like it! It’s the only explanation. It certainly wasn’t about love, closeness, sharing or testing to see if I had been being unfaithful. It was about simple sexual gratification. She had an itch and I had the closest thing to her that’d scratch it. I’d never suggest such a thing to Sam of course. That’d make it sound cheap. She doesn’t like that. It’d never sit well with her to know that she’d fallen to such a primitive urge. She’s an intelligent, civilised Christian woman. All her decisions are made with purpose. Lust is evil and vile. It doesn’t exist with her.

Nevertheless, those legs parted for a reason. Civility, Christianity, intellect, lovemaking or family planning played no part in it. It must’ve been hard for her to rationalize what’d happened. The soreness must’ve reminded her all day long.”

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Overstepped Passion

c1df24ba3eb7664df9164d2a6fdc6264If only she’d told someone about the man who’d come into her life. If only she hadn’t been such a recluse. She wanted to keep her relationship a secret but it had worked against her. She’d made friends with the wrong man and now his menacing penis and tongue feverishly pushed in and out of her private places. Raping her wasn’t enough for him. This was something new. This was about systematically taking apart everything that made her human—a woman, a female.

More here in SEETHINGS.


Noirotica. Nautical Style

Sex on a boatThis couple tease each other for kicks!

“Why don’t put some clothes on and we’ll go ashore. You better get some sunscreen on those shoulders. They look like they’re about to burn. She reached for the bottle of sunscreen. Here, why don’t you do it? I like it when you rub me.”

“You mean−”

“I know what I said.” She handed him the sunscreen and then tapped him on his thighs. Can I sit here?”

Mitchell sat back and parted his knees so she could sit on the seat in front of him. “Sure.”

“Now this is cosy. Don’t you think?” Her teenage bottom nestled against the insides of his legs and his d*ck.

“Very cosy. Let me just get something out of the way before you wriggle back any further.”

She giggled. “We don’t want to damage that now do we? It may come in handy later.”

Her mother would’ve said something like that. In fact, she probably did. Twenty two years ago, he would’ve rubbed the lotion on her and erected a monument to the occasion.

“I can feel you growing Mitchell,” Natasha said with a laugh. “You can’t hide that from me. In twenty- two years, he hadn’t changed a bit.”

“I can’t help that. It does its own thing.”

“Does it always pop up unexpectedly like that? Mum said it did.”

“Unexpectedly like that? No, that wasn’t unexpected. I completely expected that to happen. You’re mother would’ve expected it too. It wasn’t always a surprise you know. She used to tease me all the time. I think she’d get off on making me hard.

She giggled again. “That’s mum alright. So, what makes you hard Mister Felding? You weren’t hard when we put the anchor down. You had a flippy-floppy one then.

“Stop it Natasha.”

“Tell me what makes you hard Mitchell and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Mitchell continued to rub the skin on her shoulders even though the lotion had long disappeared from its surface.

“If you really want to know, it’s you. You park your bum here and then wriggle it on me − what’s a man to do but take some interest? I just love touching your skin too. Your back is so fine. Your neck… you can’t just come over here do that and not expect to get a twitch out of it!”

“She told me she’d make you twitch. That was the very word she used.

“Jesus Christ! Is there anything you two didn’t talk about?”

“Umm, nope!”

“Did you mother tell you what would happen right after she made me twitch.”


“Then what was it?”

Natasha stood, turned herself around, stepped up to the seat and squatted. “This!” She said. She took hold of his erection, licked her other hand, smeared her shaven pussy with spit and then wriggled down onto him.

His eyes rolled backwards and his lips parted. “Unnff.”

“Was it that Mitchell? What did you say?”

Mitchell’s eyes fluttered as her heat transferred across to him, flooding his body with pleasure.

“Was that what my mother did to you after she made you hard?”

“He opened his eyes and replied, “Yes.”

She began a slow rhythm of rising and falling. “What else Mitchell? What else would she do to…

This excerpt comes from Michael Forman’s follow-up novel to SEETHINGS. This yet untitled novel is having the final touches put to it right now. Keep in touch with its progress by subscribe to this site.


The story begins with SEETHINGS and it’s available here.

Secret Liason.


“No! I mean yes, but even so, I don’t want them thinking I’m some kind of trollop who stands at the door half-naked waiting for her man to arrive.”

“But you are a trollop waiting for her man to arrive. What’s wrong with that? You’re over eighteen. You can do what the fuck you want!”

“Shhhh! Stop it!” She demanded. “They’re not supposed to know anything about me. I like my privacy and that’s the way it’s going to stay, okay?”


“Do you want them to think that you’re a lonely spinster?”

“I don’t want them to think anything at all.”

“They already do. You can’t stop people thinking.”

“I know but it’s none of their business what I do in my home.”

“I don’t know what the problem is. Why hide it for god’s sake?”

“Look, I have a reputation to keep up.”

“Reputation? You keep to yourself. That’s your reputation.”

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Shampoo Shenanigans


Then November arrived and they overflowed with the cascading sheen that covered Brisbane. This round of thunderstorms brought me the glorious scene of a naked woman bathing in a stream of water, behind wet, foggy glass. I could’ve spent hours watching Nina and those streams meander across the curves of her body, foamy suds making their way down into her secret places.

“Do it again,” I said.


“I said… do it again. Wash your hair again.”

“It’s clean already,” she replied, blinking through a film of water.

“Do it again,” I demanded.


“It doesn’t need it.”

“I’m not interested if it needs it!”

“Why? What are you going to do if I do?”

“What do you think I’m gonna do, bake a soufflé? I’m going to watch.”

She giggled and looked at me with a smile. “Okay.” She reached for the bottle of shampoo, poured some of the gooey liquid into her hands and began to work it through her hair.

“Make sure you get it good and clean. I want lots of foam.”


I raised my voice. “Good and clean! Lots of foam this time!”

She nodded in acknowledgement and then rubbed her hair until a giant lathery turban of foam overflowed and large globules began to land around her feet.

“Come over here,” I said.

She stepped towards the glass with her hands still in her hair.

“Not that way,” I said. “Turn away. I want to see your back.”

She turned, wiggled her bottom and then said, “Now what?”

“Stand up straight. That’s better! And for God’s sake, take your damn hands out of your hair! You look stupid!”

“Hey! No need to be nasty!” She twisted and dropped her arms by her side.

“Can’t you be quiet for a minute?”


“Hang on a minute.”

A moment or two went by. She slapped a hand against her hip. “Well?”

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Losing her virginity

nervous first time

We’d listen to our music, drink the coffee and lie on the floor again. Then one day she suggested that we go to her bedroom. Her parents weren’t due back for hours. My heart raced. I knew that the moment was near. We walked silently hand-in- hand down the hallway, kissing as we entered her room.

There we stood facing each other, kissing as we always did, playing and tugging at our clothes as if we were experts, but neither of us was committed to removing a thread of clothing. We’d been in the room for an eternity before she took a step back and slowly unzipped her skirt. It fell to her feet. She then reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, pulled a strap over a shoulder and then extracted it over her arm through one armhole of her top. She dropped it to one side, came back to me, gave me another long kiss and then lifted her top over her head.


And there they were. For the first time since puberty, two new butterflies emerged from cocoons. They unfurled their wings and revealed nature’s wonder. I wanted to stare at those two beautiful creatures forever but politeness lifted my eyes to hers. I watched her turn and walk towards the bed. She sat on its edge and gestured for me to come over.

Before I’d considered what to do she reached for my pants—pulling them down, manoeuvring them over the throbbing obstacle in front. It bounced up into sight and I wondered what she thought of it. Did she see an emerging butterfly too? I couldn’t tell. She was just as kind and lifted her eyes to mine. I suppose she felt the same mix of politeness and shyness.

I undressed myself completely and looked at her lying on her bed. She smiled back. She had one tiny triangle of fabric left on her body—a cocoon that covered one last miracle. She lifted herself so I could ease it off… and there it was, perfect and pure. I managed a new state of hardness after that.

There are no words to describe how the uniting feels, not really. As it is, uniting does it no justice. Forget about lovemaking, sex, fuck and orgasm too. The difference between going in and being in is so great that it consumes every vernacular in a dictionary. There are no words left for what comes after. It’s beyond words, beyond precious!

So it was that within the blink of an eye, in our private moment, we crossed over and each left our childhood behind. We had transcended. We walked as adults. Soon Nina’s sanctuary became mine to visit time and time again.

More here in SEETHINGS.

Galloping Girl

a6bce2a9b3bde895481b23a196873464bI have her high libido to thank. She does what she always does and enjoys the sensations growing inside her. At the moment she rises to climax her arse bucks vigorously. She reminds me of a horse racing along the final straight at the Melbourne Cup—picks up speed, and gallops on down to the finishing line. As her breaths of ecstasy subside, a muffled voice on the other side of the bar asks, “Again?”

I knew it. This virgin was a slut in-waiting. A torn ear no longer mattered. It was worth ignoring her. I wanted to remove her from that submissive, pig-on-the-spit arrangement but she didn’t want to. She liked being treated like a piece of meat, jabbed by an unseen stranger she couldn’t shake off. Women are funny creatures. Ask and they won’t give, but take and they’ll give more. It answered a conundrum I’d had since I was a young man—should I have waited for the virgins to make their decisions or suited myself?

More here in SEETHINGS.


Oxygen craving.

Screenshot_2014-02-25-07-59-28“Take this!” I said, pushing her hard against the wall, kissing her deeply, penetrating her body, probing her mouth, stealing what I could from her. She gasped for oxygen but I drew her back in, pressing my face against her nose so she couldn’t get it. If she thought I was being passionate then she would’ve been dangerously wrong. Her knees began to buckle again but I wasn’t letting her have her own away this time.

“No you don’t. No fucking way. You stand up. You face me and take this. Come on! Up! Fucking stand up!”

I turned the water off, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the bedroom still dripping wet. I tossed her onto the mattress, spread her legs apart and said, “You’ll take whatever I give to you and more, right?”

More here in SEETHINGS.