Secret Liason.


“No! I mean yes, but even so, I don’t want them thinking I’m some kind of trollop who stands at the door half-naked waiting for her man to arrive.”

“But you are a trollop waiting for her man to arrive. What’s wrong with that? You’re over eighteen. You can do what the fuck you want!”

“Shhhh! Stop it!” She demanded. “They’re not supposed to know anything about me. I like my privacy and that’s the way it’s going to stay, okay?”


“Do you want them to think that you’re a lonely spinster?”

“I don’t want them to think anything at all.”

“They already do. You can’t stop people thinking.”

“I know but it’s none of their business what I do in my home.”

“I don’t know what the problem is. Why hide it for god’s sake?”

“Look, I have a reputation to keep up.”

“Reputation? You keep to yourself. That’s your reputation.”

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Underneath her radar.

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…gates of hers were coming down regardless. Dignity was a luxury—something she couldn’t afford and wasn’t worthy of. I stood beside her and held her neck with my left hand. “You want this to happen.” I squeezed her knickers tightly and felt the warmth of her wetness ooze around my fingers.

“I don’t want this. I don’t want—”

She does!

“You want it like this and I’ll show you that you do.”

No is yes!

She was about to speak again but before she made a sound I tore the panties from her, spun her around, stood her up, pinned her against the wall and then raised them up to her face. I squeezed my fist and waited for her eyes to react. The womanly excitement made its way out of the fabric, glistening and dripping around my fingers. She looked at…

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