Kiss me more!

upside down sex

I grabbed the centre of Nina’s blouse with one hand and pulled her away from the wall. I gave her a kiss and then slammed her right back onto it. The air in her lungs exhausted and she groaned. I didn’t waste any time in reconnecting my mouth to hers. Judging by the way she responded this kind of action, it wasn’t nearly enough to scare.

I kissed her face, pulled her away from the wall further and then slammed her body against it even harder. I enjoyed the sensation of the hot air escaping from her mouth onto my face. I thrusted my groin into hers again and waited for the sounds of pleasure to rise. She groaned and beckoned for more. I wanted to slam her into that wall just to find out if she was capable of saying stop. A crack even developed in the plasterboard. I remembered having to tell myself to settle down. I didn’t want to break my new toy. I don’t know how many times I pushed her against that wall but I do know she didn’t object to any of it.

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Losing her virginity

nervous first time

We’d listen to our music, drink the coffee and lie on the floor again. Then one day she suggested that we go to her bedroom. Her parents weren’t due back for hours. My heart raced. I knew that the moment was near. We walked silently hand-in- hand down the hallway, kissing as we entered her room.

There we stood facing each other, kissing as we always did, playing and tugging at our clothes as if we were experts, but neither of us was committed to removing a thread of clothing. We’d been in the room for an eternity before she took a step back and slowly unzipped her skirt. It fell to her feet. She then reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, pulled a strap over a shoulder and then extracted it over her arm through one armhole of her top. She dropped it to one side, came back to me, gave me another long kiss and then lifted her top over her head.


And there they were. For the first time since puberty, two new butterflies emerged from cocoons. They unfurled their wings and revealed nature’s wonder. I wanted to stare at those two beautiful creatures forever but politeness lifted my eyes to hers. I watched her turn and walk towards the bed. She sat on its edge and gestured for me to come over.

Before I’d considered what to do she reached for my pants—pulling them down, manoeuvring them over the throbbing obstacle in front. It bounced up into sight and I wondered what she thought of it. Did she see an emerging butterfly too? I couldn’t tell. She was just as kind and lifted her eyes to mine. I suppose she felt the same mix of politeness and shyness.

I undressed myself completely and looked at her lying on her bed. She smiled back. She had one tiny triangle of fabric left on her body—a cocoon that covered one last miracle. She lifted herself so I could ease it off… and there it was, perfect and pure. I managed a new state of hardness after that.

There are no words to describe how the uniting feels, not really. As it is, uniting does it no justice. Forget about lovemaking, sex, fuck and orgasm too. The difference between going in and being in is so great that it consumes every vernacular in a dictionary. There are no words left for what comes after. It’s beyond words, beyond precious!

So it was that within the blink of an eye, in our private moment, we crossed over and each left our childhood behind. We had transcended. We walked as adults. Soon Nina’s sanctuary became mine to visit time and time again.

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Pain is Pleasure.

pain is pleasure

“It’ll hurt just once dear,” I said calmly.

I pull out a little and then give her body one more shove from behind, watching her head scrape on the underside of the bar. “My ears! My ears Mitchell!”

I can hear the awkward sounds of her flesh compressing against the steel. I can see her right ear crumple backwards as it passes beneath it. “YEOOOW!!! NO MITCHELL NOOO!!!”

It’s like listening to a sixteen year old. She’s tensing up, hands flailing about the place grabbing at anything that’ll allow her to push back. She can’t find anything so her head slowly continues to creep forward, grinding against the steel, raking the skin backwards until her head finally pops out on the other side. The gap snaps shut as the mattress rises and clamps her neck against the bar.


That’s not what virgins usually say at this point. They cry.


She rattles the bar and pushes against the wall on the other side and shouts again, “Have you gone totally fucking mad Mitchell? That fucking hurt! Jesus Christ! I told you it was hurting. Didn’t you hear me? Get me out of here! Shit man, I told you and you still did it! You’ve ripped my god damn ears off! What the hell is wrong with you?”

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The Cost of Passion


“Do you know how much that skirt cost me buster?”

“Bend! Do it!”

“No. Not until—”

I hooked a finger onto the waistband of her knickers and pulled her backwards. She continued to complain but complied anyway. That’s strange, don’t you think? I was taught to respect women’s wishes. Mother said I’d do better if I did. Nina just placed her hands on the wall, bent over and did what had I told her to do. I kicked her feet apart.

“Bend over, I told you! Bend! More!”


Advance on her!

“Alright, I am! I am!” Her legs were separated about as far as they could go and she was bent at right angles to the wall. “You’ll pay for a new skirt, do you know that!”

I reached down for the sodden crotch of her knickers and grabbed them at the cleft of her body. She twitched as my hand entered that forbidden region. “Not those. I mean, I can just take them off and—”

Can you believe that? After losing such an expensive garment and making it her business to tell me about it, she still wanted to protect the tiniest, most inexpensive bit of cloth on her body.


We both know it’s not about protecting the knickers. It’s about preserving the last line of defence. A controlled surrender offers some dignity. I wasn’t interested in providing dignity, not to Nina. Those gates of hers were coming down regardless. Dignity was a luxury—something she couldn’t afford and wasn’t worthy of being given. I stood beside her and held her neck with my left hand. “You want this to happen.” I squeezed her knickers tightly and felt the warmth of her wetness ooze around my fingers.

“I don’t want this. I don’t want—”

She does! No is yes.

“You want it like this and I’ll show you that you do.”

I said no is yes.

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