Well Hello Clit.

butterfly“There ya go sport, well done. You did it!”

Yes, I talk to it like it’s detached. I ‘ll have conversations with it, teasing it to talk back. I don’t think that’s an unusual expectation. It replies anyway… not in the language you and I use but I get a response just the same.

You see it’s owner doesn’t moan much. She’s a conservative lover that one. Lisa’s not one to writhe and twist about like a wild child. She’s frustrating that way. I prefer my lovers to shout out and buck. That’s how I know things are going well. The only way I know Lisa is going well is by a tiny pinch she gives my finger. That’s why I leave one in whenever I’m talking to it’s good friend the clit.

I’m not complaining. Lisa’s got a great body… her skin is creamy smooth and her hair falls gently over some very sexy shoulders. I love a lady’s neck and shoulders, this is where femininity starts. And when she smiles, those eyes of hers twinkle so brightly… it’s almost as if I could fall into them.

Her pussy’s not bad either. It’s just as inviting. I’ve seen a few and this one’s the one I’d choose to put on my mantlepiece. Unfortunately, it’s just a bit sleepy in the bedroom.

Yes, she’ll come quietly. It’s easy to miss. Her breathing changes but that’s not enough to go by. The true give away is a tiny clamping-down she produces just inside her pussy. My finger acts as a gauge, telling me were in her orgasm she is.  Without it, I’m just guessing.

I know what she thinks about my abrupt finger insertion at the start of play. She’d tell you that I’m like all guys, sticking things in there way too soon, well before a girl’s had time to warm up but, let me say this in my defense: I don’t do it for everyone. There’s a reason why Lisa gets special treatment.

Firstly, she only hates the beginning of it… well, let’s say, she tolerates it. By the time she’s on her way to orgasm, she doesn’t even know it’s there anymore.

Secondly, she won’t come on a finger fuck. She won’t come on a cock either. She’s a clit-girl through and through. If anything else is messing around with Lisa’s downstairs department, she’s not going to get there. The trick is not to move that finger once it’s in and let her body desensitise over the following few minutes.

Her husband worries she’s going to bite down on him one day but she’s a good girl. She holds her teeth well away. She looks after him. He looks after her too.

“Can I make us tea?” He asks extracting himself from her mouth.

She smacks her lips and nods. She looks down at me. “Mitchell, you want one?”

I lift my head and see that cheeky smile looking down at me. She’s a gem like that…  very courteous and a real sweetie too. “Just white for me thanks.”

Ken leaves the room and I lift myself over his wife, lowering my hips onto hers. Nice and slow I insert, watching her eyes roll back in her head as she takes in the fullness of my shaft.

It’s a good arrangement… and it kind of suits my laid back personality. I don’t want strings and neither do they. Sex with them a couple of times a month does me fine. To be frank, if Lisa was my wife, I would’ve filed for divorce by now. I just can’t handle the conservative-orgasm thing. Like I said, I prefer one who lets go and shows her approval. I guess, in a way, she does do that. If she didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be up to my nuts in the prettiest pussy on the planet… and they’ve been having me doing this for over for a year now!

Ken and Lisa have been married for years, ten I think, and we get on like a house on fire. There’s always dinner. There’s wine too, and silly jokes. That first time was strange and nervy. Entering someone else’s woman while he watches on is a strange thing… but only strange once. Now we talk, experiment and drink tea while enjoying our threesome nights.

She wraps her arms around me and asks me to push up high. We kiss deeply and our hips grind together. Her breathing quickens. Is it true? Could this be her first vaginal orgasm?

“Thank you,” she whispers.

I’ll be damned. She’s never done that before. That’s cute.

The thing is, he comes too quickly. Poor fella. She needs a bit more than he can give. He’s one of those two-strokers. I’d be angry if it were me. I like sex way too much to have it over so soon. What’d be the point of it all?

“Sit on me?” I ask. Without encouragement, she closes her legs and we roll over together. She rises and brushes her hair from her face.

“Can you do her from behind next?” Ken asks entering the room, placing the cups on the side table.

It’s a request I’ve heard several times. “Sure,” I reply. Lisa smiles.

He likes to watch his beautiful woman being driven from behind. I don’t blame him. I’d like to watch it happening sometime too. Those breasts would swing back and forth in time with her hair. I’d like to see her flesh being pounded, those sexy ripples being sent along her silky body.

“Can you take a photo of her face this time?” I ask.


“I want to see what she looks like when I’m doing it.”

Ken’s already got hundreds of pictures of my nuts cosily nestled against his wife’s sweet pussy. I don’t see the fascination. Surely a man can get by with one or two clear and decent shots. What’s he gonna do with a few hundred more? They all look pretty similar to me anyway.

If it were up to me, I’d get another guy in so I could go around the front and watch her face myself. I don’t need shots of it. I’d prefer to watch in real time.

Lisa leans down and kisses me. “Thank you.”

Again? Wow! This is new! Or is it?

You see, I’m developing a brand new theory about her. I think she’s been having orgasms all along but keeping them to herself. Perhaps she didn’t want her husband knowing how much of a good time she has on someone else’s dick. I don’t think she should worry about that, he’s happy just taking pics. I say let it out girl. You’re already having sex with another man. You got over that idea fine… and don’t tell me you’re doing this for your husband. I see the fire in your eyes. You’re the one who makes the calls… and those sweet kisses of yours feel pretty real to me.

“Can you do it now?”

“Okay Ken. Get your camera ready. Spin around sweetie.”

Lisa nods, smiles and flicks her hair to one side, lifting one leg over my chest. Yes, she likes to stay connected too.

(Inspired by the new Novel SEETHINGS)